About Gizmo Angling

Developing quality angling products
& innovations

Gizmo Angling Ltd was created by father and son team Dennis Vause Snr and Dennis Vause Jnr with the aim to develop quality angling products & innovations which will benefit both pleasure and match anglers.

The first product launch was on 8th September 2016, launching the ZT Pro hooktying station. The product ties professional quality hook-lengths and is full of innovative features to make it easy to use.

At Gizmo Angling we always deliver top quality products, along with outstanding personal customer service for all of our highly valued customers.

"Everything that is on the ZT-PRO has a reason for being there, you are not receiving a rehashed version of what is already out in the market place. No gimmicks just a product that we feel takes hook tying stations to another level, the design and manufacture of every last part has been scrutinized to ensure it will stand the test of time." ~ Dennis Vause Snr

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I called Dennis and told him "It's one of the best things I've used for a lot of years in angling. It made my hook tying go from...alright...to perfect!" It comes everywhere with me.

Des Shipp, England International